The State Interoperable Executive Committee (SIEC) was formed under law last legislative session. One of its goals is to work to have the best possible radio communications system available for first responders. There are many challenges in making this happen but key is identifying current system shortcomings and what investments it would take make it better.

As a first responder and radio system user you can help the SIEC. We need your input in rating the quality of current mobile and portable radio communications across the state. We know your time is short and valuable but you should be able to complete the survey within 15 minutes.

TAs you complete the survey please do so from a local perspective using your radio experience talking to your fellow users and dispatch center.

Your input will be provided to legislators during the next session as we work to secure future investments in radio communications.

Thank you for taking the survey and feel free to share this email and survey link with your fellow responders