2014 Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization's Congestion Survey

Here is your chance to gripe about congested locations! Please identify the congested locations and describe any measures you think might help alleviate the congestion by fillingout the information below. (You will need to complete this form for each location in which you wish to comment on.)

* 1. Location of traffic back up?

* 2. Direction that becomes backed up?

* 3. Time of day back up occurs?

* 4. How often does back up occur?

* 5. What is the cause of the back up? (i.e.: traffic accidents, signal timing, inadequate turn lane storage, road work, etc.)

* 6. What specific actions would you suggest to alleviate this back up?

* 7. Do you use any real time traffic information to plan your trip?

* 8. How do you commute to work?

* 9. How do you commute to school/college/university?

* 10. What type of vehicle do you currently operate?

* 11. If you have difficulty maneuvering your vehicle on certain roadways please list the locations and the types of movements you have problems executing? (i.e.: making u-turns, left turns, right turns, changing lanes due to bottlenecks, crossing intersections due to lack of marked crosswalks and pedestrian pushbutton signals, etc.)

* 12. If you have noticed inadequate sidewalk widths that do not address high volume activity, please identify the locations: