Thank you for your interest in the 2014 Multi-City Innovation Campaign. The partner cities are looking forward to your ideas. We hope to see innovative approaches that will have an impact across our communities. The best ideas will focus on apps (mobile, web) that tackle areas that matter to you using software, hardware, or a mixed approach to your proposed solution.

To generate creative ideas, try to answer the question of "What would I love to see..." from the perspective of working, living, or playing in your city. What do you wish were in place that would help improve how you experience your community. Think of your day from beginning to end and ways in which government could facilitate the quality of your experience from a hardware or software lens.

By using local government open data, you will help our communities continue to benefit from new technology platforms. Think of data that you'd love to use if you had access to it, or create apps that generate new data that may be beneficial to the community. Let us know what you're thinking and feel free to contact us along the way.

* 1. What's your full name?

* 2. Email Address

* 3. Phone Number

* 4. Describe your idea in 140 characters or fewer.


* 5. If you are working with a team, please describe the team (e.g., what are their names; where are you all geographically-based; other interesting information about the team)?

* 6. Optional: upload a < 3 minute video about the team (provide us with the URL and password, if necessary).


* 7. What idea do you have within one of the three innovation tracks for the 2014 Multi-City Innovation Campaign?

* 8. What data and/or information needs do you have from the four partner cities for your idea? Describe if your idea will rely on existing data or if it will create new data around a civic issue.

* 9. What software platforms and/or hardware are you thinking about using for a prototype of your idea?

* 10. What is some representative sample of your work that you and your team have done before (e.g., Github for software, existing app on the market, videos for hardware demos)?

Remember to submit your idea(s) by Friday, March 14. If you have any questions at all, please email the cities at - we're looking forward to reading your ideas.

Thank you for participating in the 2014 Multi-City Innovation Campaign!