Proposals are invited for sessions lasting for 75 minutes. Although the proposals need not specifically address the theme of the conference - (Strategies, Opportunities, Possibilities) we will give preference to those that relate to the theme. We especially encourage interactive sessions that aim to engage attendees.

* 1. Full name of person serving as leader for this session proposal.

* 2. Proposer's school or agency (Provide full name of school or company.)

* 3. Lead proposer's email address

* 4. Lead proposer's job title.

* 5. Bio
A presenter bio must be submitted in third-person
language and in paragraph form. It should highlight items
such as education, professional background, publications,
and prior presentations. The bio will be published online
and in the conference program and is subject to edits at
the discretion of the review committee.
Maximum of 600 characters (includes spaces),
approximately 100 words

* 6. Include the full name, job title, institutional affiliation and email address for co-presenters.

* 7. Co-presenter Bios
Please include bios from all co-presenters here.

* 8. Choose one session type.
Lecture – instructional or informative classroom-style
breakout session typically from a single point of view.
(75 minute session | 1-3 presenters)

Panel – interactive forum for sharing ideas, viewpoints, and
experiences from varying points of view on key topics and
issues. (75 minute session | 3-4 presenters)

Hands-on Interactive – engaging exploration and
manipulation of materials and resources paired with
instruction and information.
(75 minute session | 1-3 presenters)

* 9. What is your proposed title for this session?
The title is the "first impression" of your presentation and
should reflect overall session content.
(Approximately 10 words)

* 10. Abstract:
Summarize your session content. The abstract should
include the most important information, strategies, or
practices that will be covered in your session. The abstract
will be published online and in the conference program
and is subject to edits at the discretion of the review
Maximum of 600 characters (includes spaces),
approximately 90 words

* 11. Objectives
Include 3-5 session objectives that complete the following
“At the end of the session, participants will be able to…”
Maximum of 200 characters per objective (including spaces),
approximately 30 words

* 12. Session Description
Please include the following in your session description:
Describe the purpose of your session and its importance to the field of ASD.
Describe the subject/practice of the session and its link to evidence based practices
Describe how attendees wil be able to apply the ideas and information shared in the session to their work with individuals/family members

* 13. Level: Please choose one

• Introductory – provides “first steps,” foundational
information or an overview of the content area

• Intermediate – provides continued, updated, or
new ideas or practices to attendees who are already
familiar or experienced with the content area

• Advanced – provides more specialized
ideas and practices to attendees with a significant
level of knowledge or understanding of the
content area

** Note: Preference will be given to
Intermediate and Advanced proposals.

* 14. Primary Topic Area(s)

* 15. Selected Target Ages
(Can select more than one)

* 16. Internet Connection
I would like to have one wired internet connection available when I present.
**AV Screens and Projected will be provided.
**If selected you will be responsible for bringing your own computer for the presentation.

* 17. I would you be willing to repeat this presentation
one or more times during the conference.

* 18. The ASD Network has my permission to capture audio of
this presentation for possible post-conference
distribution to conference attendees.