1. Introduction

Thank you for completing Canopy's Ancient Forest Friendly Award Survey. By doing so your company is eligible for a 2014 Ancient Forest Friendly Award.

All companies who complete the survey will be recognized for their investment.

We value your time, and have done our best to make this year's survey quicker and easier for you to complete.

It should take about 15 minutes to fill out, once you have collected the appropriate data.

The survey is split into 6 sections:

1. Basic Company Information.
2. Improving Paper Efficiency – Questions on corporate initiatives to reduce paper use and realize associated cost savings.
3. What is in your Paper? – Where you provide environmental specifications of each paper being used by your company.
4. Conserving Ancient and Endangered Forests Through Engagement – A high level scan of where your paper fiber comes from and how your company may be engaging suppliers to encourage forest conservation.
5. Supporting a Diversified Fiber Basket – an opportunity to report on efforts and interest in papers made from agricultural residue fiber.
6. Other environmental initiatives – please let us know of any interesting environmental initiatives you are involved in.

For all survey questions, unless specified otherwise, please provide information pertaining to the paper used within your company to print your publications, as well as office paper use.

For the questions below, please use data for the paper your company used in 2013.

NB: Questions with '*' require an answer in order to move forward with the survey.

You can re-enter the survey at any time to update or complete your responses until the survey closes.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality: All data will be kept confidential and only used in aggregate while determining eligibility for Canopy’s Ancient Forest Friendly Award.

If you have questions about the survey as you are working on it, please email tara@canopyplanet.org for help.

ARE YOU A PRINTER? If you have completed the 2014 Green Print Leadership Survey you are automatically entered in the Ancient Forest Friendly Awards.