ACRL Instruction Section Annual Planning Form

All committees and task forces should use this form to identify their long and short-term activities and projects, including those prescribed by their charge. Use this form to:

1. Report each activity.
2. Identify which ACRL Plan for Excellence objective it supports.
3. Write measurable objectives for this activity.
4. State the projected completion date.
5. Describe your plans to evaluate the success of the activity or project.

Fill out a separate form for each project or activity that your committee/task force plans to work on this year. If you have questions about filling out the form, contact your IS Exec Liaison. Forms are due by August 15, 2014.

* 1. 1. Name of committee/task force:

* 2. Committee Chair, including contact information:

* 3. Name of activity/project:

* 4. All IS activity must be linked to one of the ACRL Plan for Excellence objectives ( with some exceptions for activities that support the internal work of the section (e.g. Local Arrangements). Identify the ACRL Plan for Excellence objective the activity supports or the exception for internal section work. If you are uncertain about the appropriate selection, please consult your Executive Committee liaison.

* 5. Describe the activity or project and how it relates to the objective you identified above.

* 6. This project is a:

* 7. Action plan. List as bullet points the steps required to complete this project and the planned dates to complete each step:

* 8. Proposed activity/project completion date:

* 9. How will the success of the activity or project be measured?

* 10. What resources will you need to accomplish this activity or project? Please indicate which resources, such as additional funding or software, will need to be obtained from outside your committee structure.

* 11. The Instruction Section does not require committee members to attend the ALA Midwinter Meeting. If needed, committees/task forces may hold virtual meetings. Please describe below how your committee/task force will conduct its work within this model.