Introduction and FAQs

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"Why should I / my firm participate – what’s in it for me / my firm?"
The report will help you to:
• Set prices based on accurate market intelligence rather than guesswork or anecdotes
• Confidently explain and justify charges to clients
• Identify areas where your firm may be undercharging
• Reduce complaints and cost assessments.

"Will it be relevant to my firm?"
We provide detailed analysis by office / location / region, firm size and practice area, so you can be sure you are comparing apples with apples.

"Who in my firm should complete the survey?"
A firm-wide knowledge of fee-earner hourly charge-out rates (or access to this information) is required. Therefore the survey should be completed by your firm's practice manager / managing partner or equivalent. If this is not you, please forward the survey details to the relevant person within your firm.

"What information will I be asked to submit?"
You will need to have at hand the following information:
• List of all staff in your firm, by office where applicable
• The charge-out rates for fee-earning staff (note: in the survey we treat paralegals and legal executives as fee earners)
• The primary and/or secondary practice areas of all staff in your firm (note: we appreciate that many practitioners operate across multiple practice areas. However, from a statistical validity and analysis point of view we only need this for fee earners Primary and Secondary practice areas. The Primary practice area will be the practice area that represents the highest percentage of this fee earners personal billings and the Secondary practice area will be the practice area that represents the next highest percentage of this fee earners personal billings)

"Will the information I provide be treated in confidence?"
The data collected will be stored and used solely for the purpose of preparing the comprehensive report in which the anonymity of all participants will be preserved. Burcher Jenning's partner Validatum has a longstanding reputation for this survey work and our professional integrity in this regard is critical to our success.
The information on this site and contained in any of the reports or other materials produced by Burcher Jennings and LegalDatum are intended to provide law firms and practitioners with anonymous, aggregated information about current and historical pricing activity and trends in the wider legal market of the relevant jurisdiction. It is for individual firms and practitioners to decide how to interpret the information and what, if any, use to make of it.

The information must not be used or construed as:
• a recommendation by either Burcher Jennings or LegalDatum or anyone else as to what constitutes appropriate pricing
• a projection or prediction of future prices
• minimum or maximum prices
"Can I close the survey part way through, then complete it later?"
Yes - as long as you complete it on the same computer, using the same browser (with cookies enabled).

Additional notes:
• The survey should take up to 15 minutes for each office.
• Leave blank and skip any questions / sections that are not applicable to your firm.
• All rates you provide should NOT include VAT.
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