1. 2013 Schools Program EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

This Expression of Interest (EOI) allows current and new schools to register their interest in partnering with the Music Outback Foundation in 2013 to receive the Schools Program Workshops. The information provided by schools will assist us in our planning and does not constitute an undertaking from either the school or Music Outback to receive or deliver workshops in 2013.

Once this Expression of Interest has been received, schools will be contacted individually to further discuss their 2013 involvement.

* 1. School Name

* 2. School contact details

* 3. About your school


* 4. Do you currently have a music program in your school?

* 5. Briefly describe what resources you have available at your school that might support Music Outback activities. Include staff skills and interests, rooms, instruments, ensembles.


* 6. How you would like to see Music Outback workshops integrated into your school curriculum. For example, a focus on song writing and literacy, vocal / choral workshops, support existing music programs, instrumental tuition, dance, rap / hip-hop.

* 7. Are there other schools in your local area you would be willing to partner with to receive Music Outback workshops?

* 8. We are keen to collaborate with local musicians and arts organisations in the delivery of our Schools Program. Please identify local individuals or organisations that may be interested in working with us.

* 9. Are there local Indigenous community groups with whom Music Outback and your school could work collaboratively to deliver Indigenous cultural programs as part of the Schools Program?

* 10. Although there are significant variables, we estimate that the subsidised cost to schools of providing one facilitator for one week is approximately $2000. Is this cost;

* 11. Is your school able to provide or meet the cost of accommodation for facilitators?

* 12. Please add any other comments or suggestions that may assist us with this Expression of Interest

Thankyou for completing this Expression of Interest. Hit the "DONE" button to submit your responses. Once submitted, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to discuss the Program with you. In the meantime, if you have any queries, you can call us directly on 03 9326 7518.

The team at Music Outback.

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