Seriously...we want to know.
Thanks for participating! Reminder: this survey is for INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS OF MAM ONLY.

MAM plans to use the cumulative data gathered in this survey to craft an overall Economic Impact Statement for Maine's collecting institutions statewide, which we plan to have ready well before Museum Advocacy Day in February 2014. In that Statement, we'll report some aggregate data, list the organizations that participated in the survey, and we may include some particularly meaningful (anonymous) quotes. But beyond that, your responses are confidential--we will not reveal the individual financial data or any other statistics for any single institution.

This survey should only take you five or ten minutes--you might have to look up a few numbers--and it's pretty easy. Just click "next" when you get to the bottom of a page, or "exit" (upper right) if you want to quit. You can go back and change answers as long as you still have the survey open, but once you quit or click "Done" on the thank-you page, you are, as it were, done. Just one response per customer! Questions: info@mainemuseums.org.

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1. First of all, tell us who you are and how we can reach you. Remember, this info is confidential and will not be shared beyond MAM's leadership.