Our goal is to design Seattle Children’s CME programs that are informative and relevant.

We appreciate your taking a moment to complete this survey to help us assess how best to meet your educational needs and wishes in our weekly Grand Rounds program.

* 1. Please indicate which of these apply to you.

* 2. Location of your practice.

* 3. Are you enrolled in a project to meet the new requirements for maintenance of certification for the American Board of Medical Specialties and/or the American Board of Pediatrics?

* 4. In the past year how often have you attended Pediatric Grand Rounds?

* 5. Please check ALL of the reasons why you don't attend Pediatric Grand Rounds.

* 6. Please check the places you get your more than 50 hours a year of required Washington State CME:

* 7. Do you watch Grand Rounds on the seattlechildrens.org website?

* 8. If you watch Grand Rounds online, do you complete the evaluation for CME Category 1 credit?

* 9. For each of the following, please circle your level of agreement with the statement.

  Totally Disagree Mildly Disagree Neutral Mildly Agree Totally Agree
I dislike in-person CME
I prefer online CME
I prefer attending CME at a resort
I prefer national CME courses (AAP, NCE, etc.)
In-person lectures are a waste of time
Pediatric Grand Rounds should be discontinued

* 10. What would it take for you to attend SCH Pediatric Grand Rounds? (Please RANK each statement 1-8 by importance, "1" being the most important.)

* 11. Please specify changes to SCH Pediatric Grand Rounds that would entice you to attend.