Human Player Game Feedback for 2013

Please take a couple minutes and give us some more detailed feedback on how the Human Player Game activity went. If it went well, we can use feedback to improve it for next year. If it didn't go so well, we can fine-tune what we did.

Thank you!

* 1. What team number are you with?

* 2. What is your role with the team?

* 3. The 2013 Build Season will be your... (personal experience, not team's)

* 4. Have you played a Human Player Strategy Game for FRC before?

* 5. Did you play the HPG last year at Kick Off?

* 6. Please give us your feedback on how the Human Player Game went this year?

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
I personally found this to be a helpful way to understand the game.
I think this approach will help our team understand the game better.
I would recommend that our team participate in something similar again next year if it's offered.
Our team got to know at least one other NC team that we wouldn't have known otherwise.
This event was a good team building experience for our team members.
This event will have a positive impact on our team beyond today in some way.
This was a fun way to learn the game!
This was a good use of our team's time directly following Kick Off
Working with a large number of NC teams was an effective way to explore strategy

* 7. What was the best part about this event for you and your team?

* 8. If there were one or two things that would have improved this event for you and your team, what would it be?

* 9. (OPTIONAL): Your name and email?