The MWM registration process will include a brief survey used by the MWM organizers to hone the MWM program followed by the payment portion of the registration process.

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* Summer Contact Information: Since the MWM statistics workshop will be held in August, please enter your summer contact information below (if different from your above contact information).

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* Have you previously taken statistics courses?

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* Have you taught any statistics or data analysis in your classes?

* If so, what ONE OR TWO statistical topics do you teach that you would like to know better?

* What ONE OR TWO statistical topics do you not teach that you would like to know better?

* Do you use any technology applications (calculators, software, etc.) when teaching data analysis and statistics in your classroom? If so, please specify.

* Provide a brief description of the reasons you wish to attend MWM and what you expect to gain from attending MWM

* During MWM, refreshments and lunch will be served. Please let us know if you have any special dietary restrictions.

* In case of emergency, list the name and phone number of the person we should contact (remains confidential)

Note: We will follow-up with you with more information as MWM approaches.
Please click on the link below to proceed to the online payment of the $50 registration fee. If you would like to pay by check (U.S. currency drawn from a U.S. bank) or fax in your credit card number, please click on the payment link below to submit your survey responses and then send in the form available at
Cancellation Policy: The program incurs substantial administrative costs related to your registration prior to the date(s) of the workshop. Written cancellations (Fax: (703) 684-2037; Email:; Mail: MWM Registration, c/o ASA, 732 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314) received in the ASA office by the registration deadline will be charged a 20% cancellation fee. Cancellations received after the registration deadline will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. No-shows are non-refundable.