Your College Application Week Experience

Please fill out the following survey about your College Application Week volunteer experience.

* 1. What is your job or professional title?

* 2. Have you attended college or are you a college graduate?

* 3. Which high school did you volunteer at?

* 4. Are you a parent of a child at the school where you volunteered?

* 5. How did you hear about College Application Week?

* 6. Why did you decide to volunteer?

* 7. How many hours did you volunteer?

* 8. Did you use the College Application Week website to prepare?

* 9. If you used the website to prepare for your volunteer time, was it helpful? Why or why not?

* 10. Were there any additional information, tools or resources you wish were provided on the website?

* 11. Do you plan on volunteering again next year?

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