1. Festival Division Volunteer Feedback

* 1. How would you rate the Chick-fil-A Bowl uniforms this year?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
FanFest Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Event/Game Management Long Sleeve Polo
Parade Fleece

* 2. How would you describe the Festival Division Meetings in terms of necessity and information given?

* 3. Were the Festival Division Meetings productive?

* 4. Were the dates and times of the Festival Division Meetings convenient for your schedule?

* 5. During Bowl week, did any issues arise that you were not prepared for?

* 6. If you answered YES to Question #5, did your issue get resolved?

* 7. How was the communication between the Chick-fil-A Bowl staff and Volunteer Chairs and yourself leading up to and during your event?

* 8. Was there anything the Bowl Staff and Volunteer Chairs could have done to assist you that they did not do?

* 9. Which Bowl Week event(s) could be improved? Why?

* 10. When it comes to your specific event, what would you do to improve it? Please list the event you are referring to.

* 11. How can we improve upon the Volunteer Kickoff Party to start the year and the Volunteer Appreciation Party to end the year?

* 12. Please rate the satisfaction level of your experience as a Chick-fil-A Bowl Volunteer:

* 13. Do you plan to return as a Chick-fil-A Bowl volunteer next year?

* 14. Each year we reward volunteers that go out of their way to show exemplary CARE to our guests. The nominees and winner(s) will be recognized at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Party in February of 2013. A random group of volunteers will be selected to make the final vote on who receives the CARE award. More than one volunteer can win each year.

C- Customer First
A- Attitude
R- Relationships
E- Excellence

Please take a moment to vote for the volunteer you believe should win the C.A.R.E. award and give a brief explanation why.