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The Gardens at Lake Merritt is a well-renowned public park that is visited by people from around the world. This “Jewel of Oakland” is in large part maintained by volunteers in partnership with the City of Oakland.

The Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt (FGLM) are working to improve the experience of and increase the number of volunteers at the Gardens at Lake Merritt. We are seeking people who like people, plants, and public park lands to form a committee of volunteer coordinators.

As a Volunteer Coordinator; you’ll work in a volunteer team setting to develop ways to improve the volunteer experience at the GLM and to work with the project team that is implementing a volunteer management system that will improve our communication with volunteers. Once the system is implemented; we’ll need volunteers to continue the operations on day to day basis. this is where you come in ...

As a volunteer team member reporting to the FGLM Board of Directors, you’ll be one of 4 to 6 members asked to commit to 2 – 4 hours per week for six (6) months to perform some of the following activities:
• Recruit new volunteers
• Fill volunteer schedules for regular and ad hoc events sponsored by FGLM
• Maintain the volunteer database and keep track of volunteer activities
• Train others to the use of the volunteer database
• Conduct Volunteer Orientation sessions for the GLM
• Report information from the database; develop template reports that may be used as a standard for all garden coordinators
• Develop volunteer recognition programs.
• Report your committee activities and volunteer engagements to the FLGM Board of Directors.

If you are interested in this opportunity; please complete the pre-interview survey. We want to form this committee of Volunteer Coordinators by April 22, 2013. If selected; you’ll attend a 1-hour orientation session along with a 1 hour tour of the Gardens at Lake Merritt prior to the committee’s start date of May 1, 2013.

If you have questions, please send an e-mail to Victory V Lee, Project Manager and FGLM Board Member –

Thank you for your interest to be of service to support the City of Oakland's Gardens at Lake Merritt. For more than 50 years, this special garden in the heart of Oakland has been a place that visitors just love to visit and be a part of the wonderful parkland through volunteerism.

Your services will help us to keep the parkland beautiful and ready to always accept visitors and volunteers with the open arms of majestic trees, beautiful flowers, and edible plants.

To help us be sure that you have a wonderful experience volunteering your service to the gardens; please answer a few questions.

You'll hear from us to schedule an interview and orientation.

If you have questions or want to provide more information; please send an e-mail to Victory V Lee, Board Member (Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt) and Project Manager for the Volunteer Management Project. [

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* 6. Are you available to volunteer 2 to 4 hours per week for duration of at least 6 months? Note that some hours are needed on weekdays and some on weekends.

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