At the ENA 2013 Annual Conference, a focus group is being sponsored named:
“Understanding Difficult Vascular Access & New Solutions”

Below are the objectives and goals of this focus group but please note due to limited seating for this topic this survey screener is to help us identify your interest level and ability to add your dialogue to this topic.

If you are selected the focus group sponsor will notify you with the details of the focus group and we thank you for your interest in participating in this dynamic discussion about difficult vascular access.

Focus Group Objectives and Goals:
• Engage with Emergency Nursing key decision makers to better understand and define categories of vascular access patient (difficult, emergent, etc.) and key care objectives.
• Understanding the current process, protocols and products used when vascular access goes from difficult to an emergent/urgent situation.
• Discuss the clinical opportunities and challenges of alternative vascular access options for the management and treatment of difficult and emergent vascular access patients.