1. 2013 EARTH/C-DEBI/C-MORE Teacher Workshop - Presurvey

1. Please type in your first name

2. Please type in your last name

3. Have you attended a MBARI EARTH teacher workshop in the past? (check one)

4. If so (or even if you haven't attended) - is there a particular topic/theme/idea/subject that you are interested in but haven't had the time to develop into an activity or lesson plan?

5. Please tell us why you are attending this EARTH workshop - what do you hope to get as a result of your participation?

6. Did you use a MBARI EARTH Unit Plan, Lesson, or Activity during this past school year (check one)?

7. NOTE: For those that check NO to Question #6: Why didn't/couldn't you use any EARTH materials during this past school year?

8. Note: if you checked YES to Question #6: Which MBARI plan(s) did you use this past school year (2012-13)?

9. Are you ...?

10. If you are a formal educator - what grade/grade level will you be teaching during the next school year (2013-2014) (check all that apply)?

11. What is your school setting (check one)?

12. What is the racial/ethnic mix of students at your school (use percentages - approximations are fine)?

13. What subject(s) will you be teaching next year?

14. How many years have you been teaching (check one)?

15. What is your training/schooling in the sciences?

16. What is your training/schooling in computer and technology use?

17. What is the computer/technology setup at your school?

18. And for you and your students - what type of platform do you use primarily in your teaching?

19. How often do you have your students use computers at school as part of their lesson?

20. How often do you have your students use the internet/world wide web as part of their lesson?

21. How often do you have your students use real-time (or near-real-time) data as part of their lessons (check one)?

22. If you have used real-time or near-real-time data in your teaching, please tell us what type of data and from which sources?

23. How many teacher workshops/institutes/trainings do you usually attend each year?

24. Please rate your satisfaction with the workshops and institutions that you have depended upon in the past.

25. And finally, MBARI is looking at ways to increase dissemination about these activities - would you be interested in leading/coordinating a similar workshop to this? What would you need from MBARI to make this happen? Do you have other thoughts about how to spread the word?

26. approximately how many students do you have each year?

27. How familiar are you with C-MORE?

28. What C-MORE resources have you used?