Overview of Fall 2013 Training

The Colorado Alternate Assessment (CoAlt) now has two different administrative procedures, depending on content area. The fall 2013 training is reflective of this change and is required for all District Assessment Coordinators (DACs). The training will be a full day of training. The first portion of the day will focus on the CoAlt - Reading, Writing and Mathematics assessments. The second portion of the day will focus on the CoAlt - Science and Social Studies assessments.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE)Assessment Unit uses a Trainer of Trainers model. This means that Districts are responsible for the training of CoAlt Test Examiners. Training at the district level must be a live training where Test Examiners have the opportunity to practice the required skills, ask questions, and clarify understanding of required administration and accommodation policy.

Recorded trainings may be available after all face-to-face training are completed; however, these recordings should not be the only tools used for district level test examiner trainings. Recorded trainings are not able to provide the interaction needed to ensure Test Examiners clearly understand test administration procedures, and are able to administer the assessment in a standardized manner.

CDE is not providing a live WebEx for CoAlt - Reading, Writing and Mathematics this year. Please plan on attending one of the face-to-face trainings.

Pearson, Inc. will present WebEx trainings related to CoAlt - Science and Social Studies score entry shortly before the late spring testing window. This training provides a refresher on item protocols, but it should not be the only training Test Examiners have.

Remember each district must have trained personnel for the alternate assessments. If a district contracts educational services for students with a significant cognitive disability with another district, the student's home district must ensure assessment arrangements are discussed with the DAC of the district of attendance, including but not limited to the ordering of test materials. The student's home district is responsible to ensure that the assessment is given in a standardized manner, by a qualified and trained Test Examiner.

Denver/Golden training site registration is no longer available beginning 11/8/13. This training site is full, there is no space available.

A new Denver/Cherry Creek location is open on December 19.