ACCESS for ELLs Administration Training

Welcome to the second year of ACCESS for ELLs administration in the state of Colorado.
These trainings are designed to give you the DAC or ELL Coordinator the information and knowledge needed to return to your district to train ACCESS for ELLs test administrators.

The Colorado Department of Education uses a Trainer of Trainers model. This means that Districts are responsible for the training of ACCESS for ELLs test administrators. Training at the district level must be a live training where test administrators have the opportunity to practice the required skills, ask questions, and clarify understanding of required administration and accommodation policy.

WIDA recorded webinars are available to supplement district training; however, these recordings should not be the only tools used for trainings. CDE focuses their training on what a trainer needs to know, and may not specifically address all the questions a test administrator may have about giving ACCESS for ELLs.