* 1. My child attends:

* 2. My child is in grade:

* 3. Did you attend a meeting this school year where the goals and activities of your child's program were discussed with parents?

* 4. I have been provided with information about how I can help my child with his/her schoolwork.

* 5. I would prefer to receive information from my child's school through (check all that apply)

* 6. I would like the school to provide the following information for parents: (please check all that apply)

* 7. My child's school provides me with materials and/or trainings that assist me in working with my child at home.

* 8. I have the following suggestions to increase parent involvement at school and home:

* 9. Please indicate whether you received the following information from your child's school.

  Received and I understood it Received but I need more help understanding it Definitely not received Uncertain
Information about the standards and expectation for the grade level.
Information about how to read my child's state test scores
Information about how to read my school benchmark scores
How to keep track of my child's progress in school
Information about available interventions and enrichment at this school

* 10. In order to attend parent-teacher meetings and trainings, I need help in the following areas:

* 11. These activities would be valuable in helping me be more effective when working with my child at home:

  Not Valuable Valuable
Literacy Night
Math Skills Night-Make it Take it
Science Fair
Homework Help Workshop
Parenting Skills
Parent-Teacher Conferences