1. Welcome to the GCDSE 2012 Stakeholder Survey!

33% of survey complete.

The Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education would like your ideas about how well the Council is doing its job. The Council would also like to know how successful activities are that they sponsor. Results of the survey will be used to shape Council activities in the future.

Your feedback is important in order to make sure that the Council has enough support to ensure that our mission is carried out.

The federal Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) requires that all councils in the U.S. use the same questions. In order for this survey to have national validity, the questions must be generic to all councils and specific in terms of what is asked. All councils will use the same questions and report them to the federal government.

As the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, the Council plans, advocates, builds capacity and creates systems change on behalf of, and with individuals with developmental and other substantial disabilities and their families. As a reminder, the Council does not provide direct services.

If you are unable to complete the on-line survey (and would prefer a hard copy), need assistance completing it, or have questions about the survey or any of the Council’s activities, please call the Council toll-free (in Alaska) at 1-888-269-8990, 269-8926 (in Anchorage), or email Carrie Predeger at carrie.predeger@alaska.gov.

Please note: This suvey will close on Friday, December 21, 2012 at 5pm AKST.