1. Introduction

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The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence Based Learning (AAEEBL) is conducting a survey to gain a better understanding of the motivations, benefits, strengths, and challenges of ePortfolio implementations across diverse institutions. This survey will be the first in a series of research activities aimed at examining how ePortfolios are being promoted in higher education globally and identifying the conditions conducive to successful implementation of ePortfolios and associated pedagogies and assessment strategies.

To help us, we invite you to respond to these questions from your own individual, personal and professional vantage, focusing in particular on a single ePortfolio project or program with which you are involved. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

You are not expected to feel responsible for speaking for your program or for what may be several ePortfolio initiatives at your institution. However, you are encouraged to forward this survey to your colleagues who may also be working with ePortfolios on your campus so that we may include a diverse range of ePortfolio-related initiatives.

Preliminary findings from this survey will be shared and discussed at the annual AAEEBL meeting in Boston this upcoming July as well as in several follow-up webinars and online chats in order to ensure that a broader international audience is able to participate and contribute to an ongoing discussion of these issues.

Will my information be kept private?
This study has obtained IRB approval.* The responses to this survey will be confidential. Aggregated results may be published or presented at professional meetings, but the identities of all research participants and their programs and institutions, unless explicit permission is given, will remain anonymous.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?
If you have questions about this research study or the information in this survey, please contact Gary Brown (browng@pdx.edu), Helen L. Chen (hlchen@stanford.edu), or Aifang Gordon (aifang@pdx.edu).

What are my rights as a survey participant?
Your participation in this research study is completely voluntary. You may choose not to answer specific questions or to stop participating at any time.

What does my informed consent mean?
By clicking on the Next button below, you indicate that you understand the goals of this research study and how the information you provide will be used.

* Portland State University HSRRC Proposal #122052