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Welcome to the 2012 WMO Survey on the Use of Satellite Data!

Dear Colleague,

I would like to thank you, in advance, for the time you will spend responding to the subject questionnaire (15-20 minutes) on the use of satellite data in meteorological, climate, water, and related environmental applications.

WMO is interested in your feedback in the following three areas:

  • Access to satellite data and products
  • Application and use of satellite data
  • Training on satellite data utilization.

Your responses will help bridge the gaps (both real and perceived) between the tremendous amount of satellite data available, and the tremendous need for increased access to those data, information, products and training.

Your responses on status, progress, and challenges in using satellites as an information resource will also shape international action by WMO and its Member states in responding to your needs. We will do our best in strengthening and leveraging your contributions internationally.

With appreciation for your time,

Barbara Ryan, Director WMO Space Programme

N.B.: For your information, a quicklook at the survey questions is available here.