Help develop insight into the challenges and trends occurring in IT Adoption by participating in the 2012 survey. The information gathered will be used to prepare the 2012 IT Adoption Insight Report. This year the report focuses on understanding the business impact of various end-user strategies and adoption barriers.

This survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time and each participant will receive a complimentary copy of the report and a chance to win an Apple iPad.

* 1. In your organization, please rate the following stakeholders in terms of execution quality.

  Low - Falls Short of Expectations Neutral - Meeting Expectations High - Exceeding Expectations
END USER SUPPORT (competence & responsiveness)
EDUCATION GROUP (delivers right-fit content)
END USERS (makes use of resources provided)
IMPLEMENTATION TEAM (on time projects, minimizes transition disruption)
FRONT LINE MANAGERS (ensures users are educated)
APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (focus on usability & relevant features)
IT SUPPORT (availability & responsiveness of applications)

* 2. At which stage of the software lifecycle do you begin user adoption efforts?

* 3. How long have the following end-user technologies been utilized in your organization?

  None < 12 months 12-24 months >24 months
End-User Experience Monitoring
Contextual Support / Help Integration
Help Desk
Self-Service Education (basic guides, etc.)
Education Simulations
Learning Management (assessment / testing)

* 4. What is the maturity of the following services in your organization?

  None Initial Stable Mature
APPLICATION RELEASE WARRANTY (additional support with upgrade)
COMMUNICATION (updates on changes)

* 5. What percentage of your Application Budget is spent on end-user effectiveness services?

* 6. After initial application training, which events trigger your ongoing education events?

* 7. Rate the degree of impact on End-User Performance for the following factors.

  Low Medium High
Application/Process Documentation Quality
Information Overload
Feature Complexity
Workflow Integration
Education / Support

* 8. Taking the factors of Question 7 into consideration, how much productivity could users regain from reduced complexity, errors, rework etc.?

* 9. What do you feel is the primary cause of poor end user capability?