Zero Waste

The NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach (DEAO) is conducting a survey to determine the interest of NC organizations in waste reduction and zero waste.

For the purpose of this survey, zero waste is the diversion of all 'waste' materials from landfills. This can be done through a variety of methods including recycling, material substitution, composting, reuse, and waste-to-energy.

For local governments, zero waste refers to internal waste streams not to waste generated by citizens in the community.

* 1. What category best describes your affiliation?

* 2. What is your organization's level of commitment to Zero Waste?

* 3. What kind of assistance are you interested in?

* 4. Would you be interested in attending a 1-2 day conference on Zero Waste in the Summer of 2013?

* 5. Please choose any topics that interest you. (Choose as many as you wish)

* 6. Please choose the three topics that interest you most. (Indicate only your top 3 choices)

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
How/Why go Zero Waste
Case Studies from industry, others
Recycling, reuse – Recycling markets, waste traders
Composting and organics
Packaging options
“Dumpster Dives” or waste sorting as a waste reduction education tool
Available Assistance
Environmental Management Systems as a tool for waste reduction
Drug Take backs
Lean (efficiency) techniques
Waste Reduction
Recycling Markets
State Procurement Services
Construction & Demolition Waste
Composting Options
Right sizing your Dumpster/Schedule
Best Practices for waste contracts
Electronic waste
Lifecycle analysis

* 7. Please indicate the educational classes you would like to attend.

* 8. Please fill in your e-mail address so we may contact you about Zero Waste opportunities:

* 9. Other comments or questions