Young Members Needed for the 2012 ASSH Young Leaders Program!

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated young members interested in increasing their involvement in the Hand Society. The 2012 Young Leaders Program is an organized leadership development program for young members who are committed to the Hand Society’s tradition of excellence and interested in shaping its future.

Members selected for this program will attend a training session on medical society governance and will participate in the 2012 December Council meeting. The program requires a commitment to participate in future ASSH governance activities by lending your support to a committee or task force at the close of the meeting.

To be considered for participation, you must be an ASSH Candidate Member (dues paying and post-fellowship) or Active Member of less than 8 years. The workshop will be held between December 13-15, 2012 at the JW Marriott in Chicago, IL. Airfare and transportation are the responsibility of the participant; other expenses (meals, lodging, tuition, and meeting expenses) will be provided by the ASSH.

Once the Young Leaders are chosen, they will participate in an active ongoing discussion to identify and research key issues in the profession. Their research will be used to give a presentation and make recommendations to Council in January.
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 1, 2012.

* 1. By typing your name below, you agree that, if chosen for this program, you will:

1) Attend the ASSH Young Members Leadership Program from December 13-15, 2012 in Chicago, IL;

2) Fulfill an assigned committee or task force responsibility;

3) Pay your airfare and transportation expenses for the program.

* 2. Please enter your contact information below:

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* 4. By training, you are a:

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* 7. Three words that best describe you are:

* 8. List two leadership experiences from the present and past, from which you have learned the most about yourself and working with others.

* 9. Describe how you would be an asset to this program:

* 10. You are strongly encouraged to submit the following:
1) Letter of support from your Hand Fellowship Director and/or an ASSH member who has served as a mentor to you;
2) Your Curriculum Vitae.

Below, you may remark on who will be submitting a letter on your behalf.

Please direct correspondence and send your CV to:
Alexzandra Wallace

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