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Thank you for taking the time to complete our annual troop parent survey. This survey shouldn't take more than just a few, short minutes to complete.

* 1. How many years has your daughter participated with her current troop?

* 2. What grade level is the troop?

* 3. Where does the troop hold its regular meetings?

* 4. My troop leader asks parents to volunteer when needed.

* 5. My daughter's troop leader makes me feel welcomed.

* 6. As a parent, I am interested in actively supporting my daughter's troop program and troop leader.

* 7. My daughter's troop leader involves the girls in decision making and planning.

* 8. My daughter's troop leader informs parents of troop financial status/expenses/income.

* 9. My daughter's troop leader shows concern for her well being.

* 10. Overall, how much has your daughter's Girl Scout experience helped her develop...

  My daughter has grown in this area My daughter has not grown in this area Unsure
Develop a strong sense of self
Develop positive values
Gain practical life skills
Develop healthy relationships
Respect diversity
Identify community needs
Feel empowered to make a difference in the world
Girls promote cooperation and team building

* 11. Please rate the quality of your daughter's troop program.

  Completely satisfied Somewhat satisfied Unsatisfied
Activities at meetings
Adults work well together
Communication to parents
Frequency of meetings
Participation in council sponsored events
Participation in local and/or community events
Troop leadership
Troop meetings

* 12. Which Girl Scout resources does your daughter own?

* 13. My daughter's troop leader communicates the following to parents:

  Always Sometimes Never
Spring Registration incentives
Council sponsored events/program opportunities
Changes in professional staffing
Black Diamond policies and procedures
Adult learning opportunities available to you
Opportunities to volunteer outside of your daughter's troop

* 14. Do you read Black Diamond's largest publication, O.N.E? O.N.E stands for opportunities, news and events. This publication is mailed out to all member households three times per year. The publications includesinformation for girls, parents and volunteers.

* 15. Do you read Black Diamond's online newsletter, Council Connections? Council Connections is emailed to all adult members twice per month and includes updates and information relevant at that time.

* 16. How can Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council better support your daughter's troop leader?

* 17. How can Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council better support parents?

* 18. How can Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council better support girls?

* 19. Are your daughter's friends involved in Girl Scouts?

* 20. What do you believe is the community's general perception of Girl Scouts?

* 21. Tell us how this survey was completed.