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Thank you for sharing your feedback about the Talking Book Service and how well it meets your needs. Feel free to call the Talking Book Service at 1 (800) 458-3271 to speak to a staff member about your service or enter your name and phone number below, and a staff member will contact you.

* 1. If you would like TBS staff to contact you about your TBS service, please include your name and phone number below:

* 2. When you order books, do you receive them as soon as you would like?

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* 4. How often do you receive damaged books?

* 5. If you returned a machine, did you receive a prompt replacement?

* 6. How do you order books? Please check all that apply:

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Print or audio catalog
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Online catalog
Do you find the online catalog easy to use?
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* 7. Do you download books or magazines from the following sources?

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Send me information about BARD
Send me information about the SHELF PROJECT

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Large print books
Audio Books
Local Programs
Downloadable books (e-books)

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