1. Senior Center Month 2012

We hope you had a wonderful celebration during Senior Center Month this September. Please help us evaluate our part in this process. We also give you an opportunity to share your Senior Center Month best practices.

* 1. Please rate the usefulness of following sections of the Senior Center Month Campaign.

  1. Most useful 2. Useful 3. Neutral 4. Not very useful 5. Will never use
Campaign Theme
Program ideas Booklet
Media Plan Booklet (a member only benefit)
National Poster Download
Changable Poster - allows you to insert your own photos
Thank you card on website

* 2. If you used our two year theme "It Happens At My Senior Center, My Life. My Time. My Way." to ask participants to tell their story of the importance of their senior center, please use this space to share these stories:

* 3. Please tell us how you celebrated Senior Center Month.

* 4. Your celebration programming or senior center stories may appear in our 2013 guide, please add your name for permission to use your story, and senior center name so we can credit your center in the guide.

With the 2012 NISC Excellence Awards, NISC members can gain national recognition for their programming. Use the following link to share your excellent programming ideas. Deadline is Friday, October 26, 2012.


* 5. Thank you for your help in evaluating the 2012 Senior Center Month Campaign. Please use this space to share your suggestions or comments.

* 6. Please give your ideas for the 2013 Senior Center Month Campaign Theme.

Thank you for your feedback. NISC Leadership Group