Thank you for your continued support of the SGA Network. We would like to know how the network supported your learning and development needs in 2012.
What programs did you like and where can SGA Network improve?
Please take 60 seconds to answer the following 6 questions and tell us how we can continue to help your organization in the future.
Natalie Corey,
Managing Director - SGA Network

* 1. The extent to which my positive expectations were met with's learning & development opportunities this year

* 2. In your opinion, what were the strengths of the's learning and development opportunities in 2012?

* 3. In your opinion, what were the weaknesses this year? Where can the improve?

* 4. The SGA Network initiated monthly themed newsletters in August 2012 to improve communication to members. Are you satisfied with the newsletters direction?

* 5. How do you (and the majority of your organization) view Programs?

* 6. Who are you?
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