Last Minute Audience Program

Fill seats at the "Last Minute" that may otherwise be empty.

AFL's "LAST Minute Audience" email blast program was created for area theatre groups. This service provide's you an opportunity to grow your audiences and reach new theatre patrons through a weekly email offering discounts to area shows.

AFL will send an email blast on Thursday morning offering any discounts or free ticket offers from area theatre groups for shows taking place that weekend. The theatre groups will offer a code that can be used for online purchases or phone orders through their groups ticketing system. No money exchange will take place thru AFL. All AFL will do is advertise your deal to our 800+ arts patrons & performers list.

Participation is completely up to the theatre groups. You can participate as often or not as you choose. You can offer discounts for certain performance dates or the full run of your production. You can also limit the number of discounted tickets available. This service would be available for any performance; musicals, plays, cabarets, etc.

The purpose of the program is to create bigger audiences for area shows. Cross populate audience members from different theatre groups. Fill seats at the "Last Minute" that may otherwise be empty.

Thank you for choosing AFL's LMA Ticket Program to offer discounted or free tickets to your upcoming event! Please read the below instructions carefully to take advantage of this program to the fullest.

All theatre groups wishing to offer "last minute" ticket discounts or free tickets MUST fill out the below information no later than noon on Wednesdays. An email with your offer will be sent on Thursday by noon to our list of over 600 arts patrons & performers.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Please enter the below information regarding the show you wish to offer Free or Discounted tickets to

* 3. Do you wish to offer Discounted or Free Tickets for your performance?

* 4. Please enter the specifications of your offer.

For example:

- Everyday Theatre Co. would like to offer 10 free tickets to our 1/15/2013 performance of Oklahoma.
- Everyday Theatre Co. will offer 10 tickets at half price ($10.00) for the 1/15/13 performance of Oklahoma.

* 5. Please provide instructions for obtaining tickets.

For example:

- Please have first ten respondents call 314-123-4567 and mention the AFL Ticket offer.
- Please have first ten respondents go to and enter the code AFLLASTMIN to receive discounted price.