TO: All Active Attorneys

FROM: Christopher L. Manos, Executive Director, State Bar of Montana

RE: IOLTA Compliance Certificate (Required by Rule 1.18 of the Rules of Professional Conduct) and Pro Bono Reporting Form

Mandatory Compliance

The IOLTA Compliance Certificate must be completed by Montana attorneys each year in accordance with the Montana Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct. Reporting is mandatory.

Each attorney or a representative should complete the Pro Bono Reporting Form. When you press "Submit Form" at the end of the Pro Bono Reporting Form, you will be automatically directed to the IOLTA Compliance Certificate.

Important Guidelines

When completing your IOLTA Compliance Certificate, please follow these guidelines:

  • Every attorney should submit a signed Compliance Certificate providing IOLTA information or indicating someone is providing the information on their behalf. This includes government, in-house and corporate counsel, non-profit and unemployed attorneys.

  • If someone is providing information on behalf of a firm, only one representative from the firm should provide actual IOLTA account information on the Compliance Certificate. Ensure all names of firm members reporting are included.

Security and Electronic Reporting

This electronic reporting uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a cryptographic system that encrypts information during transmission to and from the reporting site. Additional safety features are employed. However, it is important to note that we do not ask you to provide any information that is not readily available on a business or personal check. We do not ask for, nor should you ever provide, personal identifiers such as a social security or business identification numbers.

Electronic reporting of both forms takes only a few minutes and guarantees timely reporting. Click on "Continue" below to continue with electronic reporting.

Forms and Deadline

Please complete the IOLTA Compliance Certificate and Pro Bono Reporting Form by December 3, 2012.