The GOLDEN CRANKS will be awarded in Tulsa, OK - during the Saturday night PRO No.1 TITLE CHASE & NAG-5 CHALLENGE. Be there @ the QT CENTER on Saturday, November 24th to see who wins.

Pull Magazine - the official membership mag for USA BMX members, wants YOU, the rider, to vote for your favorite Rookie Pro, Pro, Team and Bike of the Year! In order to vote you must be a card-carrying member of the USA BMX.

**Only one vote per USA BMX member is allowed! ( If you own both a 20" and Cruiser license, you still can only vote ONCE). All duplicate votes will not count. All non-Members votes will not be counted. You MUST include your official USA BMX membership number.

The following lists are suggested nominees - you may vote for any Pro, Bike or Team. However, you can only vote for the following eligible Rookie Pros (who have turned Pro between Sept 1, 2011 and Sept 1, 2012). Please take the time to review these lists (pages 2 thru 5).

To cast your vote - go directly to Page 6.

Voting will close at midnight on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012.