Camp Evaluation


We strive for excellence in our summer camp programs. We ask that you tell us about your summer camp experience and the experience of your daughter. Feedback from parents, campers, staff, and volunteers all help us build a stronger Girl Scout camp program.

At the end of the survey, you will be redirected back to take the survey again. This is so if your camper attended more than one camp, or multiple sessions at the same camp, or your have more than one camper, you may answer for each camp experience separately.

Thank you in advance for completing this evaluation.

* Which camp did your daughter attend?

* Does your camper participate in a troop?

* What town do you live in?

* What grade will your camper enter in the fall?

* Please rate the following:

  Excellent Good Okay So, So Needs Improvement Does Not Apply
Camp Calendar
Camp Brochure
School Flier
Confirmation Packet - mailed
Confirmation Packet - online
Camper Forms
Registration Process
Communications Pre-Camp
Communications During Camp

* How did you learn about camp?
Please choose all that apply.

* When choosing a camp how important are the following items?

* How many years has your camper attended this camp?

* Which other camps has she attended?

* Does she want to come back to this camp next year?

* Would you recommend this camp to another parent?

* Why?

* Day Camp Only

  Yes No Does Not Apply
Did your camper go to Trading Post?
Did your camper purchase the camp photo?
Are you pleased with the camp photo?
Did your camper attend the overnight experience?
Did she enjoy the overnight?
Did your camper ride the bus to and from day camp?
Was the bus monitor helpful and friendly?
Were you comfortable with the care your child received on the bus?
Did your camper participate in a specialty program such as horseback riding, guard start, or lifeguard training?
Was the specialty program a good value?
Was your camper in the LEAD, LEAD 2, or Apprentice program?
Does your camper feel she is better trained to become a camp counselor?

* Resident Camp Only

  Unsatisfactory Fair Satisfactory Good Excellent
Was the check-in process smooth and efficient?
Did you and your camper feel welcomed at check-in?
Did your camper like the food served at meals camp?
Did your camper like the selections available on the salad bar?
Did your camper go to the Trading Post?
Did your camper like the evening programs?
Did your camper enjoy her unit site?
Did check out go smoothly?