* 1. State economists recently projected that Minnesota will have an $1.2 billion surplus this biennium - the first state surplus in many years. In your opinion, what is the best thing the state government can do to continue improving our economy?

* 2. Do you support initiatives to reduce the size and cost of the state government?

* 3. Should Minnesota government pass business tax relief and incentives to encourage investment and job creation?

* 4. Currently, it only takes 50 percent plus 1 additional member in both the Minnesota House and Senate to approve any tax increase proposal. Are you interested in voting on a Constitutional Amendment requiring a 3/5 majority vote in the Legislature to raise your taxes in the future?

* 5. Would you support a proposal allowing slot machines to be installed at Canterbury Park and Running Aces, with proceeds being used to pay back the education shift?

* 6. Which option would you support towards helping build a new Vikings stadium?

* 7. Should Minnesotans be required to provide photo identification as a requirement for voting?

* 8. Rank your legislative priorities:

  Not Interested Slightly Interested Interested Very Interested
Pro-life issues
Tax reform
Vikings stadium
Increasing state revenue
Expanding gambling


* 10. Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey!