1. 2012 AFSH Board of Trustees Application

The role of the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand is vital to the future of the field of upper extremity surgery. The AFSH supplies funding necessary for the vital research and education projects that may lead to the next groundbreaking innovation in surgery and treatment. Members of the Board should not only have a commitment to the Foundation's Mission, but should also be willing to contribute and raise funds to support that mission.

Please complete the following online application and email your electronic CV to Alexzandra Wallace at awallace@assh.org. at the ASSH Central Office by August 15, 2012.

You are also required to complete the AFSH Conflict of Interest Disclosure. Click here to view the AFSH Conflict of Interest Policy. To complete your disclosure, please visit the ASSH website in the My Profile section and click on "Disclosures" in the upper right corner.

* 1. Please enter your name and email address in the space provided.

* 2. Please select the Board position for which you are applying from the choices below.

* 3. Primary Employer:

* 4. Please describe any past leadership roles you have held within the Hand Society and/or the Foundation.

* 5. Please indicate your level of comfort with fundraising activities, and describe your experience in this area.

* 6. Please share any additional thoughts or comments regarding the Foundation and/or your nomination.

To complete your application, you must send, one (1) letter of recommendation, an electronic copy of your CV to Alexzandra Wallace awallace@assh.org, and you must complete the Conflict of Interest information.

Deadline for submission of all materials: August 15, 2012

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position on the AFSH Board of Trustees.

Questions? Contact:
Alexzandra Wallace
Phone: (312) 880-1900