2011 River of the Year: The Delaware River

Last year we opened up the River of the Year nomination process to you, and we opened the voting process to the general public. We are so pleased with the outcome of this new system that we have decided to carry it forward into 2012.

We do have some program requirements, so be sure to answer each question completely so we can determine if your river or stream is eligible for the designation. But if you think you might be, go ahead and nominate!

This nomination process will only be open until October 27. We'll narrow it down to the top 5 and then you'll be able to vote on the final 2012 River of the Year.

We only need one nomination from an organization or partnership for each river. Additional submissions are not necessary as public voting will be used to select the winner.

All nominees must submit two to three web-ready images of the river to be used during the voting process. Please email your images to Josh Karns at jkarns@pecpa.org. Nominations will not be considered complete until we receive the images.

Please complete the nomination form below. All fields must be completed.

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* The River of the Year is celebrated with 12 months of activities and events, all designed to help people learn about and appreciate the beauty and wonder that are part of every river in Pennsylvania. DCNR and POWR provide a $10,000 grant to partially cover the costs of these activities. Nominations should be made by representatives of a local organization that can manage this responsibility and coordinate all activities.

What is the name of your organization?

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* What's the name of the river or stream you're nominating for 2012 River of the Year?

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* Which river basin is your river in?

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* The River of the Year designation requires the local organization to hold a Sojourn - a paddling trip to engage the community and raise awareness about the river and its conservation needs. The trip must include at least one night of camping as part of the event. Additional funding is available to offset the costs of a Sojourn, up to $900 per day.

Based on river miles, access points, and in-stream flow, is it feasible to host a one-day, overnight Sojourn paddling trip on your river?

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* Please provide 3 to 4 paragraphs about your river, your organization, and the river's conservation needs that make it a good choice for 2012 River of the Year.

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* Please provide some examples of the activities that you will undertake if selected for this honor.

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* No organization can do these activities alone. What other organizations will you partner with in carrying out the 2012 River of the Year program?

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* Please let us know who the primary contact should be.

The River of the Year is support by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers.

If you have any questions, Pleace contact Josh Karns at jkarns@pecpa.org or at 717-230-8044 x12.