1. How well are we doing?

Dear Parent,

Please tell us your thoughts about how to further enhance the Noojmowin Teg Anishnabe Healthy Children’s Program.

Just fill out this short survey (about 10 minutes in length) in order to help us evaluate the program.

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* 1. Please participate in our draw! Prizes are a $100.00 and a $ 50.00 gift certificate from a local grocery store!

We will need to collect identifying information on this page. This information is only collected so we can enter you in the draw. We will also keep track of how many communities we have covered with this evaluation.

Your name will NOT be linked to the answers you provide on the following pages. Program staff will NOT be able to connect your responses to your name. An external evaluation consultant will separate all identifying information from the evaluation feedback. Information you provide will be written up in summary format only. Your privacy will be respected.