OUR MISSION: In a positive environment of spiritual, physical, educational, social and emotional support, Holy Angels provides children and adults with dignified and empowering opportunities for living, with special emphasis on those individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities who may also be medically fragile.

OUR VISION: Each individual, regardless of physical and mental ability, has the right to the highest quality of life.

OUR VALUES: At the heart of our vision and mission are the values of the Sisters of Mercy: sacredness of life, human dignity, justice, compassion, service and excellence.

OUR COMMITMENT: Holy Angels is a place of loving, living and learning which maintains the highest standards of excellence in service while continuing to develop outstanding innovative programs that respond to the changing needs of our community.

Holy Angels is committed to providing quality programs and services. We value your feedback to improve our services.

* 1. Holy Angels fulfills its mission, vision, values and commitment (see above) while also providing its residents and families unlimited possibilities and unconditional love.

* 2. I recognize Holy Angels as a ministry sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.

* 3. Holy Angels is effective in sharing its mission, core values and story with the community.

* 4. Spiritual services and pastoral care are provided as appropriate.

* 5. The services and programs at Holy Angels serve persons of diverse faiths and religious convictions.

* 6. Holy Angels provides a high quality, loving and caring environment while treating the residents and families with dignity and respect.

* 7. Holy Angels places a high priority on the health and safety of its residents, staff, volunteers, families and other visitors.

* 8. Holy Angels facilities are clean, well maintained and fully accessible for individuals with disabilities.

* 9. The programs and services of Holy Angels are innovative and creative.

* 10. Activities and decisions focus on the people served.

* 11. Holy Angels makes good use of its resources, including donations, funding, employees, volunteers and facilities.

* 12. Holy Angels Administration and staff work in collaboration with outside groups and organizations to meet the needs of persons served.

* 13. Holy Angels practices high ethical standards in all areas of its business.

* 14. The staff includes persons of diverse faiths and religious convictions.

* 15. In my opinion, the greatest area of improvement for Holy Angels is:

* 16. Please provide a quote about Holy Angels that we may share with the community. You may include your name if you wish.

* 17. Name (optional)

* 18. Organization (optional)

* 19. Comments (optional)