* 1. How long have you lived in the City of St. Robert?

* 2. Please rate the adequacy of each of the services provided by the City of St. Robert

  Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Dissatisfied
City Council effectiveness and representation
City staff professionalism and customer service
Real Estate tax rates
Sales tax rates
Utility rates
Utility billing
Utility collections
Garbage collection
Yard waste collection
Animal Control
Recycling availability
Solid Waste Transfer Station hours and fees
Building code administration and enforcement
Zoning code administration and enforcement
Nuisance and property maintenance enforcement
Law enforcement and crime investigation
Fire protection
Street maintenance and repairs
Snow and ice removal and treatment
Storm water control
Sanitary sewer and waste water treatment
Water quality and service
Electric service
Natural gas service
Parks and recreation facilities
City website information
Monthly newsletter

* 3. What do you feel are the three major ISSUES currently affecting the quality of life of St. Robert area residents?

* 4. What do you see as the three major ASSETS in our community for residents?