1. Arts For Life Board Member & Volunteer Drive

Arts for Life is interested in YOU! AFL is currently seeking volunteers and new board members to help the existing staff put on the Best Performance Awards and raise money through fun and entertaining promotions in the coming years.

As a group of people wanting to inform and bring all community theaters together, it is a huge job. We need people who are interested in planning parties, coordinating events, contacting companies, negotiating contracts, meeting the public, keeping the books, keeping databases current, writing articles, judges, working publicity, editing videos, writing scripts, soliciting donations and setting guidelines.

If you are interested or considering joining please take a moment to read the attached job descriptions and fill out an application to let us know what you would be interested in doing in the community. Board members meet once a month most of the year and volunteers will be on a committee that meets as needed. If you would like to help, please join us in the New Year. Don’t be afraid to head up a committee as we really need workers to broaden Arts for Life in order to give back.