1. School Information

Thank you for completing the Bonner Program Self-Assessment Tool reflecting on the 2010-2011 school year. We ask that you log your responses in this survey; each indicator is included.

This is a confidential survey. The only results that will be shared will be cumulative or average results across all the schools that respond to the survey. Otherwise, your responses will only be shared with Bonner Foundation staff.

The survey has forty-one questions grouped into nine sections:

A. Staffing and Governance
B. Program Administration
C. Student Development
D. Co-Curricular Components
E. Advising
F. Community Partnerships
G. Curricular Components
H. Campus Wide Collaboration

Each question also provides a space to make any additional comments. Please use comments to clarify your response or note specific best practices, if that is helpful.

* 1. School Name

* 2. Person Completing Survey

* 3. Email Address

* 4. Please provide the names and roles of others (staff, students, others) who have been involved in reviewing the Self-Assessment Tool in order to complete these responses.