1. 2010 Books I've Read

Hey all! Thanks for clicking on the link to do this - I've wanted to do this for years, cause I love doing other peoples - but I don't have a paid LJ account, so this is the only way!

I read somewhere around 150 books this year, but my numbers are always skewed by the amount of manga I read. Still, I read a LOT this year, including multiple non-fiction books around 1000 pages each. I've noted books that I was RE-READING by putting them in italics. Remember - it's not if you've also read these books in the last year, but rather if you've ever read these books. :)

I've divided these roughly into categories.

* 1. Name/Identifier (entirely optional, only included for my friends, only visible to me :) )

* 2. Manga and Graphic Novels: (for this category, feel free to check a manga series if you've read ANY of it, even if you haven't read all the volumes I've got listed - it's just too much trouble and length to list them individually!)

* 3. Fiction: (fiction is what I read when I need some comfort reading, so all of it this year has been re-reading favorites)

* 4. History (Antebellum America and Civil War, plus a couple books about the World War 1 era):

* 5. Non-Fiction Science books:

* 6. Non-Fiction (Travel Guides)

* 7. Art Books and Museum Guides:

* 8. Books I Didn't Finish: (all but one of which I'm still actively reading, but don't expect to finish before the New Year)

* 9. Check the below box if you've read NONE of these books!

Hey again! Thanks for completing my reading list survey; I'll be posting the results in my LJ (unforth.livejournal.com) once I stop getting replies, so if you're curious how the results pan out, feel free to check in! Hope you all have an awesome and wonderful New Year!