Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 1:00 pm ET

In time of uncertainty, organizations need to be ready for all possible scenarios to reduce risk and respond quickly if the situation does not unfold as forecasted. Too often executives and HR leaders give lip service to less likely scenarios and only prepare for the probable scenario. In times of uncertainty, no one has a clear idea of the forecasted scenario. Many ask: How do we identify scenarios for consideration? To what extent should we develop plans for less probable scenarios? How do we know when to switch our focus to less likely scenarios? How can we measure the value of scenario planning? Where do we start?

 This presentation, based on the HR and leadership books by Dr. David Weiss and his subsequent work, provides the tools and techniques to develop scenario plans during uncertain times. This insightful and entertaining interactive session focuses on the following:  

Why is it so important to develop scenario plans during uncertain times?
What are the tools and techniques to develop scenario plans?
How do these approaches apply to the participants’ organizations?
Format: Presentation and short Q & A

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