1. Information for Parent & Parental Consent Form

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Thank you for taking the time to consider your child(ren)’s participation(s) in this online survey about bullying/victimisation and school climate. We have provided some information about this survey here. If you would like any more information you can contact the researchers at seffetullah.kuldas@dcu.ie

What is this survey about?
It is about bullying/victimisation and the climate at your child(ren)’s school. We will ask your child(ren) about interpersonal experiences at the school. We would like to know if bullying/victimisation or social exclusion happens and impacts students’ feelings/mental health and friendships.

What are the benefits of this online survey?
Bullying is a growing concern for parents and teachers. Experiences of bullying during the childhood or adolescent period can lead to undesirable consequences in mental health of children as they grow older. Therefore, this survey is imperative so that we can work with parents and schools to develop appropriate policies and interventions to reduce the prevalence of bullying/victimisation in our schools.

What do you have to do?
If you consent to your child(ren) taking part in this survey, you will be brought to the next page about data privacy. If you consent to the data privacy, the next page will ask your child(ren)’s to consent to participate. If your child(ren) also gives consent, the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

What are the risks?
This survey has no expected risk to participants.

Is it confidential? [Will my child be mentioned?]
There is NO way of identifying your child(ren)’s answers, name, or school from the other participating students. All information will be anonymous and confidential. In addition, no effort will be made to compare your child(ren) to any other. The results will only give us a general idea of this issue in our schools. It will provide us with NO specific details about your child(ren).

Question Title

Can I decide for my child(ren) not to participate?
Yes! Participation is completely voluntary for your child(ren). If you do not want your child(ren) to participate in this online survey, that is your right. Your child(ren) can also withdraw from this survey at any point. However, the more children take part in this online survey, the better. We hope that by conducting this online survey, we can encourage governmental organisations (e.g., Department of Education) to allow for more training and awareness about this topic in schools.

Thank you once again for taking the time to consider our online survey. If you have concerns about this study and wish to contact an independent person, please contact: The Secretary, Dublin City University Research Ethics Committee, c/o Research and Innovation Support, Dublin City University, Dublin 9. Tel 01-7008000, e-mail: rec@dcu.ie

I have read the plain language statement and consent form and I consent to my child's participation in this survey:

6% of survey complete.