Session: January-February 2016

'1M1B E-Weekends' is a 2 months virtual classroom covering the basics of Entrepreneurship. The program will comprise of projects, assignment and presentations with mentor-ship & real time feedback. The program will culminate in a day long workshop for all participants in New Delhi, India, with extensive networking opportunities. Seats are limited for the program.

Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion from 1M1B at the end of the program. 

* 1. Complete Name

* 2. Gender

* 3. Age

* 4. Educational Background

* 5. Whats your present status ?

* 6. Present Affiliation, if any

* 7. Address

* 8. Why do you want to participate in the '1M1B E-Weekends' program?

* 9. Tell us, briefly, what is the business idea that you would like to work on.

* 10. Which category does your business idea fall under?

* 11. Explain the reason why you want to start this venture and what you've done so far in this direction

* 12. Any other information that you'd like to provide