Welcome to Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency's Great Start Readiness!

Completing this application is the 1st step in requesting consideration of becoming a Wayne County Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP). Thank you for considering Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency(Wayne RESA) GSRP as a funding source for your agency .  Before completing this application, we encourage you to browse over the GSRP Implementation Manual (Click the link): GSRP Implementation Manual.  The manual identifies all you will be required to do as a Great Start Readiness Program. Once you have reviewed the manual, we ask that you complete the attached application in it's entirety.  It will be reviewed by our GSRP Funding committee and you will be notified in writing of our decision.

Please make sure to print a copy of the application BEFORE you click 1st Step Completed.

Wayne RESA GSRP Website