Reconnect, Reflect and Renew

We are planning for our 55th Reunion events on June 1-4, 2017. The Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) provides a rich set of options for lectures and learning. In addition, several well-recognized speakers will address our class in a lecture format. This survey asks that you (and, we hope, your spouse or partner) will give us feedback for our other class-specific learning experiences.

Our sincere thanks for taking the time to clarify your preferences. We look forward to spending the weekend of June 1-4, 2017, with you in New Haven!

* 1. What formats for our activities are of greatest interest to you? Given that there will be numerous AYA lectures at reunions, please rate, according to level of interest from 1 (no interest) to 6 (high interest), the following ideas for our class programs. (Note that you will get to select specific topics of interest later in the survey.)

  1 2 3 4 5 6
One-hour moderated discussion groups: no more than 15 minutes of presented information and the majority of time for discussion of ideas.
One hour of brief personal stories: about 20 pre-selected participants will have three minutes to describe an experience that created new insights.
The brief personal stories with fewer speakers and more discussion.
One hour of presentations on personal initiatives: In no more than 10 minutes, 6 selected participants will define involvement in a powerful initiative that contributes to the well-being of society.
The ten-minute presentations with fewer speakers and more interaction.

* 2. One idea for a moderated discussion group would be to explore how your interests at Yale are now pursued on campus, and also how those interests impacted your life choices. Groups would meet with one or two Yale students to hear about Yale today and then take part in an open discussion. Please rate the choices below according to level of interest, from 1 (no interest) to 6 (high interest).

  1 2 3 4 5 6
The performing arts (vocal and instrumental music, drama, dance)
Service and volunteerism (Dwight Hall and other)
Political activitism (Yale Political Union and other)
Media (Yale Daily News, WYBC and other)
Athletics (varsity or intramural)

* 3. Please list other areas of interest to you in this context.

* 4. Another idea for a moderated discussion group would be to explore how you and others in the group have managed life challenges in the last 25 years. Please rate the choices below according to level of interest, from 1 (no interest) to 6 (high interest).

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Losing a spouse or a child
Creating a new life in a new community
Changing your occupation
Parenting or grandparenting in same-sex, biracial or alternative relationships
Surviving a personal medical crisis

* 5. Please list other topics of interest to you in this context.

* 6. If we were to present brief personal stories of no more than 3 minutes, in which each speaker describes an experience that has created new insights for himself or the world around him (without the aid of PowerPoint or other visuals) would you prefer a broad unifying theme or miscellaneous topics?

* 7. My suggestions for broad underlying themes would be:

* 8. I have a story I would like to tell.

* 9. If we were to offer several ten-minute presentations in which each speaker (with the aid of PowerPoint or other visuals) defines a powerful initiative that he has created or become involved with,  which type of presentations would you prefer?

* 10. I have an initiative to present.

* 11. I know a classmate who should be encouraged to present.

* 12. If we were to present additional outstanding speakers from the class or Yale faculty, or a panel or lecture on a topic of current national or international significance, please tell us your ideas.

* 13. We want to make the 55th as engaging as possible for women, so we hope that responses to the following questions will be by women or by classmates in close consultation with spouses or partners. How interesting are you in having activities for women only, understanding that they would probably conflict with other class events?

* 14. How many time slots would you want for women-only options?

* 15. Please rate the activities below according to level of interest, from 1 (no interest) to 6 (high interest).

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Tour of the Yale Art Gallery or Yale Center for British Art
Book discussion
Open discussion on a particular theme
Open discussion with no particular theme
Presentation on Yale's efforts to be a leader in campus cuisine
Lecture on a topic of women's interest

* 16. Please tell us which book you might want to read and discuss, or which theme might interest you, or who you'd like us to invite to lecture and on what topic.

* 17. In terms of other activities for classmates and guests, would you be  interested in a round of golf at The Course at Yale?

* 18. On Thursday and Friday evenings after dinner, we will have time under the tent for entertainment or other activities. Please rate the choices below according to level of interest, from 1 (no interest) to 6 (high interest).

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Free time to make new friendships and renew old ones
Informal jazz improv by classmates
Other entertainment by a classmate or classmates
Singalong of Yale songs and other favorites

* 19. Do you have any other ideas for evening activities?

* 20. The '62 Whiffs would like to perform for the class. Are you interested in hearing a 15-20 minute set? 

* 21. Where do you think is the best location for a Whiff performance?

* 22. Please provide any other comments you may have.

* 23. How do you expect to participate in most class program activities at the 55th reunion?

* 24. Select the phrase that best describes how this survey was completed.

* 25. Optional: Please provide your name and email address so that we can contact you regarding any of the ideas you have expressed in this survey. You can also discuss your ideas by sending an email to Peter Clark at