Graduate Survey - Widener Law

Class of 2018

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* 5. What is your employment status?

* 6. If employed, what is the date on which you started or will start your job?

Start Date
Unemployed (Use graduation date 05/21/2017)

* 7. If employed, when did you receive job offer?

* 8. If employed, my job is/will be

* 9. If employed, my job is/will be

* 10. If employed, my job is (check one):

* 11. If employed, my job is with a (select one):

* 12. If employed with a law firm, how many attorneys?

* 13. If employed with a business, what industry and job title?

* 14. What is your practice area?

* 15. If employed, current or starting salary:[note: we collect salary information to provide current and prospective students and alumni with realistic information about attorney salaries. We report the collected data without personal identifying information.]

* 16. If employed, source of job (select one)

* 17. May we share your answers to the above questions with the Widener Alumni Relations Office for their statistical analysis only?