Future Ready Medical Communications

Thank you for your interest in submitting a session proposal for the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP!

In an effort to design programming around ISMPP member input, the Program Committee is accepting proposals for a 20-45 minute session (plenary, parallel or roundtable) to be held in-person in Washington DC on one of the conference dates of Monday, May 9, Tuesday, May 10 or Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

The 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP theme is Future Ready Medical Communications. “Future Ready” embodies a forward-looking mentality that encompasses cutting edge topics, while still maintaining a focus on practical applications and adjustments organizations need to make as we move towards more face-to-face reengagement, but in different, more creative ways. How can we, as medical communication professionals, positively impact the future of scientific communications and be "future-ready?"

ISMPP strives to provide fresh content at each live meeting. Based on this we strongly encourage you to refer to the brochures of past Annual Meetings, particularly the 17th Annual Meeting, to avoid duplicating a topic that has been previously presented. Exceptions to this are broad-based or evolving topics that warrant continued discussion. In those cases, please be sure that your proposed session represents an extension of what has been done previously and not merely a repeat of a prior session.

Creativity in format is encouraged as well as faculty diversity (ie, a mix of faculty, some of whom have not previously spoken at an ISMPP meeting as well as organizations that have not been previously represented, as well as those of varying backgrounds and experiences). The strongest proposals are ones which have faculty representing different organizations and viewpoints. Proposals with faculty all/majority from the same institution run the risk of being perceived as being too narrow and/or promotional. Those groups will be asked to reconsider speaker selection. If high quality proposals are received on the same or similar topic, groups may be asked to collaborate. Additionally, proposed faculty must be communicated with in advance of the proposal to gauge willingness and ability to participate in-person.

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the 18th Annual Meeting Program Committee leadership and judged primarily according to quality and overall fit to this year’s meeting agenda. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

Please complete this form and submit it no later than Monday, November 15, 2021.